Exclusive shoemaker intensive courses in Berlin with Korbinian Ludwig Heß

From this year on, custom shoemaker Korbinian Ludwig Heß is offering courses on how to make your own shoes in his workshop in Berlin for the first time.

During the course, participants will learn everything there is to know about shoes. Step by step, Heß himself introduces them to the world of made-to-measure shoes. In the workshops, he leads the way as a role model and at the same time ensures that no one is left behind. The course is aimed at beginners and offers appropriate time to get to grips with the art of shoemaking. After all, we didn't learn to walk overnight either. In 12 days the workshops impart the necessary knowledge to make a shoe in basic form. Through direct contact and the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, the course promises to get closer to the basics of the craft. The exclusive Shoemaker Intensive Courses with Korbinian Ludwig Heß are an offer for everyone - even for people who have two left feet.

Costs shoemaker course in Berlin

2500€/12 days group course (min 5, max 10 persons).

300€/day individual courses

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Standing on your own feet - walking in your own shoes

Over the course days, the various work steps are explained and tried out together, building on one another. Over time, participants get to know the materials and tools used by a shoemaker in more detail - from lasts to leather. With insider knowledge and information, they get to know the handmade production of shoes. Handmade takes on a new meaning for the participants of a shoemaker course: because the individual shoes are actually made by their own hands.

Step by step, move on

"Cobbler stick to your last" is a well-known proverb. Korbinian Ludwig Heß invites you to go beyond that and lend a hand yourself. Even though you will of course not complete a full shoemaking apprenticeship during the course, you will be able to take home a pair of shoes you have made yourself as a souvenir after participating in one of the intensive courses. While the course teaches you the theoretical basics from A to Z, you don't get into the practical aspects of making shoes until later. To get to the finish line in the course, the construction of the lasts and the upper is outsourced - what the terms mean exactly is one of the subjects of the workshops. As new shoemakers, participants eventually assemble the shoe. Help decide which leather will be used and be there for the last few meters. Look forward to learning more about the world of shoemakers and take home a simple but homemade model.

Think about tomorrow today! Additional knowledge: Cleaning and caring for shoes

On the last day of the workshop, the focus will be on the professional cleaning and care of shoes. From brushes to shoe trees to various shoe creams - within the workshop we will show you how to best use the care utensils. In your short but intensive training, you will learn a lot about the material used in the manufacture of shoes. For example, you will learn about different types of leather, which of course have different care requirements. By completing the workshop, all participants will also better understand how best to clean their various models at home.

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